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Section 1: Biographical Information

Section 2: Meal Plan
Section 3: About You

Section 4: Roommate Preferences

Section 5: Residence Hall Style Preference
Please note that while we try to honor your preferences, space is limited in these halls and we work through the requests based on date of deposit and date of survey submission. For information about the residence halls please visit

Super Singles: Moravian College is offering a limited number of Super Single options for first-year students. Super Singles is a double-size room that has been converted into a single with one bed, one desk, and two dressers/wardrobes. Super Single spaces also come with a bonus $75 Dining Dollars in addition to the Dining Dollars included in the selected meal plan. Please review the Room and Board rates for more information regarding Super Singles at

The H.I.L.L. (Hurd Integrated Living & Learning) located on Hurd/South campus is a gender-inclusive, suite-style housing option with single bedrooms that is available to a limited number of first year students. As the H.I.L.L. is equipped with a full kitchen, room rates are higher than those in the traditional residence halls. First year students will still be required to select either the Silver or Gold Meal plan during their first year on campus.

Resident students who have a diagnosed disability or condition that can significantly impact housing placement and/or their residential meal plan requirement should contact the Academic & Accessibility Support Center at