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Get ready for MayReg!

Below, you can complete 2 things in order to be ready for MayReg:

  • Choose your first-year seminar topic and which dates you can attend MayReg (below right).
  • Take your placement assessments (below left).

Looking for more information about MayReg?  Visit the MayReg website, which should answer all your questions - and more!

Mathematics Placement Assessment

Click here to take the math placement assessment (everyone should do this).

Language Placement Assessment

Answer a few questions, and we'll tell you which placement indicator to take.

Have you studied any language other than English in high school?

What language did you study? (select one -- if you studied more than one, indicate the one most recently studied)

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How many years did you study this language?

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Are you presently enrolled in, or have you already completed, a college-level (concurrent) course in a language other than English at your high school?

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What was the highest college-level course completed?

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Are you currently enrolled in, or have you already completed, an AP or honors class in a language other than English?

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Are you a native Spanish speaker, or do you speak Spanish at home?

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Course Descriptions
First-Year Seminar Topics (.pdf, 155K)

Contains descriptions of the first-year seminar courses.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
If you're not the user listed, check to make sure that the URL in the address bar above matches the one that you were supposed to visit. If possible, click on the link in your Email program or copy-and-paste it directly into your browser window to minimize mistakes. If you continue to have problems, please contact and let us know so we can fix the problem.

First, we need to know who you are. Please select one of the options below.

I know my AMOS user ID and password.

User ID:

I do NOT know my AMOS user ID and password.


Which one of these is you?


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If those things are correct, did you recently pay your deposit? If you have, try waiting 2-3 business days for us to receive and process your deposit.

If that's not true either, try contacting us at 610-861-1510 or online.