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The First Year Writing Seminar (FYS) introduces writing as a process that is central to college learning and to life. Each FYS, no matter what the topic, focuses on college-level reading and writing so students will begin to sharpen the critical reasoning skills needed for success in any academic discipline at Moravian College. The subject area focus of each FYS section entails reading and discussing ideas and styles from various academic disciplines, but all sections are the same in their general approach: students will practice both speaking and writing and will work collaboratively in workshop settings. Students will complete several pieces of writing, formal and informal, graded or ungraded, this semester. Expect to receive suggestions from your instructor or classmates as you develop writing assignments through multiple drafts. Individual conferences, written comments, small group workshops, the College Writing Center—all may be used to help you as you plan, draft, revise, and edit a piece of writing. Because all students benefit from improving their writing skills and because this course also serves as an advising group for first-term college students, incoming students may not test or “place out” of the FYS through AP scores, proficiency exams, CLEP exams, or other means.  
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Contains descriptions of the first-year seminar courses.

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