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Our goal for the fall semester, provided we can do so consistent with public health and safety, is to provide in-person education where we can for our students. To reduce crowding in academic spaces, many courses will be moved online, but we also want to ensure that we are providing in-person opportunities for students (especially first-year students) to build communities and relationships that come from face-to-face interaction — even if socially distanced.

As we plan to update and finalize the schedule of classes and communicate to students what they can expect for the fall term, we need to know for each of your classes whether you are planning to teach in-person (preparing, of course, to shift online as needed) or online. If you plan to teach online, we also need to know if you plan to teach synchronously (where students meet with you live via Zoom) or asynchronously.

NOTE: Courses that do not have an instructor listed or have “Staff” as the instructor will be sent to the chair of the respective department to provide this information.

Instructions: Please provide information below on the modes of instruction you intend for each of your Fall 2020 courses. You may use the comment box to briefly describe your current plans for additional instructional modes or components of the course (e.g.: labs or problem sessions) that may impact space planning and schedule adjustments.

June 5th Update: In light of the decision to modify the 16 week semester, please finalize your teaching preference selections by Monday, June 8th. If you selected one of the following:
  • 50% In Person, 50% Online Synchronous
  • 50% In Person, 50% Online Asynchronous
  • 100% Online, Both Synchronous and Asynchronous
use the comment area for that course to give a sense of your balance of in-person vs online work. For example, you might only need in-person classes a few times per term for a significant assessment/activity.

As you enter your choice, please keep in mind that while we do our best to match your preferences, it will not be possible in all cases. We will keep you informed as course schedules are finalized.